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Energy Management In Westphalia, MO

Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling in Mid-Missouri

Energy management is something we take very seriously at Rehagen Heating & Cooling, Inc. Invite us out to see what we can do to help you lower your energy bills. In many cases, we can help homeowners save 50% – 70% on their energy consumption which can add up to thousands of dollars in savings. We specialize in customizing a system that works for you and corresponds to your home and budget. Current financing offers allow you to upgrade to a more efficient system and save on energy bills while saving money month to month.

Sizing equipment to fit your home is especially important in providing an efficient system to keep your home comfortable every day. Our staff is highly trained to properly size your home and to find any underlying issues that may not be solved by an HVAC replacement. Some common issues to be aware of are 70% of HVAC systems do not have correct air flow, which impacts energy efficiency. Additionally, 74% of HVAC systems have an improper amount of refrigerant, which can impact performance up to 15%. The result is higher energy costs and faster wear and tear because the system to not forced operate at maximum efficiency.

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Learn How Much You Could Save

The Daikin Efficiency Advisor is an online tool designed to help identify how much can be saved with a Daikin Inverter. We’ll get to know more about your home and your lifestyle, then we’ll create an assessment of your possible savings and more.