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Furnace Acting Funky? Warning Signs for Mid-Missouri Homeowners to Look Out For



Furnace Acting Funky? Warning Signs for Mid-Missouri Homeowners to Look Out For

Furnace Acting Funky? Warning Signs for Mid-Missouri Homeowners to Look Out For


Staying warm in the winter is a top priority, especially if you live in the Jefferson City, Mo area. How can you do that if your furnace isn’t running smoothly? If you notice something funny going on with your heating system, there are some signs to look out for before calling for furnace repair.

No Heat Coming From the Furnace? You May Need to Call for HVAC Repair

If your furnace isn’t doing the one function it’s made for, then you definitely need to check it out. It’s good to investigate so you can report a broken furnace as soon as possible. One possibility is that the fan setting of your thermostat is turned on, and consequently the air will blow but not produce heat. Additionally, make sure the thermostat is turned to “heat”. Other reasons include a buildup in your air filter or the flame in your pilot light has gone out. In the latter case, you should absolutely call a heating repair service in the mid-Missouri area.

The Furnace in Your Mid-Missouri Home Won’t Stay On Consistently

Maybe your furnace keeps turning on and off, or it won’t automatically turn on. If that happens, it may just be running a cycle of temperature maintenance. However, if it’s doing this and the set temperature in your home is never reached, it’s possible that furnace repair is in order.

The Furnace Keeps Making Noises

A noisy furnace can be annoying, but not always dangerous. Sometimes, a furnace simply makes a whooshing noise in order to function. Excessive knocking, rattling, or jolting is a giant red flag for your furnace and certainly warrants calling a technician in mid-Missouri.

When to Call Rehagen Heating & Cooling for Furnace Repair in Mid-Missouri

If you need a gas furnace replacement or a simple repair on your heating system, Rehagen Heating & Cooling is your go-to service. We offer high-quality Daikin brand gas furnaces with a 12 year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on heat exchangers. No need to freeze in your Jefferson City home! Get a free estimate today.

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