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How To Tell If Your Furnace Is Energy Efficient



How To Tell If Your Furnace Is Energy Efficient

Rehagen Heating & Cooling is the Leader in Energy Efficiency in Mid-Missouri

Are You Concerned About the Efficiency of Your Furnace? Learn More About HVAC Efficiency With This Handy Guide

At Rehagen Heating & Cooling, Inc., we take energy efficiency very seriously because it saves our customers money. In many cases, we can save homeowners thousands of dollars on their energy bills. We accomplish this by customizing a system that takes into account the details of your home and your budget. If you would like to understand how efficient your system is currently, we have prepared a guide of some common ways to get an idea of your heating system’s efficiency:

  • Comparing Bills To Determine Changes in Efficiency: A good indicator of whether your system is efficient or not is by comparing bills from this year to last year. While comparing your bills, make sure to account for anything that might have affected them. These can range from a cracked window letting the warm air out to old insulation that was replaced between the seasons. If there is still a large discrepancy between your bills, then your heater might have an efficiency problem.
  • Is Your Furnace Too Old to Be Efficient?: Checking the age of your furnace is beneficial to understanding how energy efficient your system is. A typical residential heater is designed to last somewhere between 15-20 years. Unfortunately, a heater’s efficiency can decline by as much as 5% every year. While regular maintenance can slow this process down, efficiency will still decrease as the years go by. If your heater is starting to show its age, consider trusting our professional team of HVAC experts to customize a new system for your home.
  • Figuring Out Your Furnace’s AFUE Rating: AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, and it indicates your heater’s efficiency at converting fuel into energy. The AFUE rating should be located in either the user manual or on the furnace cabinet. The higher the number, the more efficient your system is. A rating of 90% or higher indicates a highly efficient heater, with 80% or higher being sufficient for most regions.
  • Contacting Rehagen Heating & Cooling To Optimize Your Energy Efficiency: If you would like to learn more about how your system could be more energy efficient, contact us today to learn how much you could save. Our highly trained and experienced staff are ready to take all of your energy needs into account while designing your home’s new system.
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