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Prepare Your Home’s HVAC System for Missouri’s 2020 Fall


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Prepare Your Home’s HVAC System for Missouri’s 2020 Fall

5 Tips to Prepare Your Residential HVAC System for Fall in Mid-Missouri

As you break out those comfy blankets and scented candles this fall, don’t forget to check on your home’s heating and cooling system. With summer heat dwindling and cool weather right around the corner, prepare your home with expert HVAC maintenance and repair in Jefferson City and California, Mo. Don’t wait for the first chilly night of fall to realize your HVAC system needs work! With our tips to prepare your home’s heating and cooling system for the changing seasons, you can be sure your home is comfortable all winter long.

Checking Air Filters & Performing Regular HVAC Maintenance in Jefferson City, Mo

With school back in session, weather cooling off and football starting up again, preparing your home’s HVAC system for cooler weather might be the last thing on your mind. Follow our tips to ensure your home is ready no matter what the weather may bring this autumn!

  • Check Your Air Filters: Don’t let dirty filters prevent your HVAC system from adequately heating or cooling your home. Ensure you’re getting proper airflow by replacing clogged filters.
  • Clean Outdoor Units: Debris and dirt can pile up around outdoor units over time, preventing the flow of air. Clean up your outdoor unit before powering up your HVAC system this fall. Removing debris, leaves and other gunk can prevent maintenance and repairs further down the line.
  • Seal Windows and Other Air Leaks: Don’t make your HVAC system work overtime. Inspect your home’s windows, doors, and other areas for leaks or cracks where air may be escaping.
  • Schedule Maintenance Checkups: One of the best ways to prepare your HVAC system for fall is to schedule a maintenance check-up with the experts at Rehagen Heating & Cooling, Inc.. Our team of trusted technicians not only inspects your system but is able to advise you on any adjustments or necessary repairs to ensure you are comfortable all winter long.
  • Upgrade Units: Are repairs and maintenance beginning to add up? It may be time to replace your HVAC system. Contact the experts at Rehagen Heating & Cooling, Inc. to explore which heating and cooling systems are best for your home!

Frequently Asked Questions About HVAC Repair & Maintenance in Jefferson City and California, Mo

Most HVAC systems can last anywhere between 15 to 25 years when properly installed and maintained. However, depending on the brand and the system’s annual maintenance, some HVAC systems may begin to see costly repairs sooner than 15 years. Ensure your HVAC system is properly maintained with our maintenance program. With Rehagen’s experienced technicians and maintenance checklist, we can improve the efficiency of your HVAC and your overall home’s energy.


Your home’s occupancy and how frequently you use your HVAC may determine how often your filter should be changed. On average it should be changed about every 3 to 6 months. However, if you have pets or family members with allergies it may be helpful to change it sooner. Every home, HVAC system and family is different, so contact our experts to learn more about an HVAC maintenance plan that fits your family’s needs.

AC Repair in Mid-Missouri and the Surrounding Areas

You may not be using your air conditioner much this fall or winter but that doesn’t mean it should be forgotten. Take the time to maintain or repair your air conditioner so it can be ready for spring and summer!

Are repairs going to cost more than replacing your air conditioner? No worries, the experts at Rehagen Heating & Cooling, Inc. are ready to install a new Daikin air conditioner into your mid-Missouri home. Daikin, the world’s #1 Air Conditioner Company, can save you money with its efficient and elegant system. Contact our experts today to learn more about our Daikin warranty or air conditioner repair in mid-Missouri.

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Why You Should Choose Rehagen Heating & Cooling, Inc. for Your HVAC Repair & Maintenance This Fall

If you are looking for HVAC maintenance in Jefferson City, Mo, and the surrounding areas, choose the experts at Rehagen Heating & Cooling, Inc. We are more than just a team of experts, we are a team that cares for our community and the people in it. Building relationships for the past 30 years, you can trust our trained technicians to properly install, maintain or repair your HVAC system in mid-Missouri. With affordable prices and exceptional customer service, there is no reason you shouldn’t choose us. Call today to learn more about our heating and cooling services in central Missouri.

Prepare your heating and cooling system with Rehagen Heating & Cooling, Inc.’s HVAC maintenance & repair services in Jefferson City, Mo, and the surrounding mid-Missouri areas.

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